Baylor, Iowa State Climbing in Latest Big 12 Women’s Basketball Power Rankings

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The Big 12 women’s basketball season is now complete for the regular season, and it’s time for the final power rankings of the 2023-24 campaign.

Starting on Thursday, the Big 12 will converge at T Mobile Center in Kansas City for the first Big 12 women’s tournament to be held at the arena.

Below, we present our 17th Big 12 women’s basketball power rankings for the 2023-24 season as we get ready for the Big 12 Tournament.


Tier One

1. Oklahoma (21-8, 15-3) – Last Week — 1

2. Texas (27-4, 14-4) – Last Week — 2

OU is going to kick itself for falling to Kansas on Saturday. Texas is going to kick itself for falling to OU on Wednesday.

The two split games were last week, but OU swept Texas for the season. They’re both playing great basketball heading into Kansas City.

Tier 2

3. Baylor (23-6, 12-6) – Last Week — 4

4. Iowa State (18-10, 12-6) – Last Week — 6

5. Kansas (18-11, 11-7) – Last Week — 7

6. Kansas State (24-6, 13-5) – Last Week — 3

7. West Virginia (23-6, 12-6) – Last Week — 5

What we have here are five teams that I think are playing quality basketball. If you had them play a four-game round-robin on a neutral court most would finish 2-2.


Baylor, Iowa State and Kansas are the hottest of the group. In fact, the Jayhawks have probably played their way into the NCAA Tournament, though I wouldn’t rest on it if I were them. If they win a couple in Kansas City, the Jayhawks would be guaranteed a bid.

Each of these teams is capable of getting to the Big 12 Tournament final. In fact, I think this is the line of demarcation for contention. Below this, you might see a team or two crash the party, but they won’t reach the Big 12 Tournament finals.

Tier Three

8. TCU (19-10, 6-12) – Last Week — 8

9. BYU (16-15, 6-12) – Last Week — 9

Each split last week. Both are now healthier than they were a month ago. Both could steal a win or two in KC and get into the semis if things go right. But I think both are headed for the WNIT, and I think both could go quite a long way.

Tier Four

10. Oklahoma State (14-15, 7-11) – Last Week — 11


11. Houston (14-15, 5-13) – Last Week — 13

12. Cincinnati (14-15, 5-13) – Last Week — 12

13. UCF (12-16, 3-15) – Last Week — 14

14. Texas Tech (16-15, 5-13) – Last Week — 10

I held out as long as I could for Texas Tech to correct what was ailing it. But a nine-game losing streak to end the regular season was just too much. The Lady Raiders were a team I felt had dark horse potential, but nothing has gone right in the last month.

Houston is the only one of these five teams going into KC on a winning note.

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