Custom background option is now available in Google Meet

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Google Meet is a platform designed for video conferencing and office meetings. In the difficult times of Covid-19, people started using this app on a daily basis for their work meetings and also for video calls of their employees and team members, etc.

Google is finally introducing custom backgrounds for its Meet video conferencing platform. They announced this news in a blog post. People using Meet on Google’s Chrome browser can easily access the feature on Chrome OS, as well as Windows and Mac laptops and desktops. However, this feature is currently not available for mobile phones. Google has hinted that mobile users can also expect this feature in the coming months.

How to enable background option?

To enable this feature, you don’t need to have any browser extensions. You can simply add different background images from your photo collection or from a Google-provided image gallery that includes landscapes, abstract art, and offices, etc.

You don’t have to worry if you can’t access this option. It may take up to a week for all Google Meet users to access the new custom background option.

Zoom and Teams already had this option:

Google Meet introduced the option, as Microsoft Teams and Zoom, which are competitors in the market, already allow the use of custom images for meeting backgrounds. These three have been adding different features as a number of people now regularly use these apps for school, college, university, office work, etc. due to the pandemic situation.

Blur effect and real-time meetings:

Google Meet has also added a blur effect to meeting backgrounds. They also introduced real-time subtitles, low-light mode, raised hand, and a tile view called the Brady Bunch giant screen. 49 people can display on screen at a time through this app.

Google incorporated the Google Meet option into Gmail in May. You can easily create meetings of up to 100 people. There is no time limit available for those with a Google account.

On Thursday, Google CEO Sundar Pichai in the Q3 press release said that Meet now has nearly 235 million daily meetings and more than 7.5 billion daily video calls.

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