Kansas Upsets TCU, Kansas State No Hits Cincinnati, and Texas Crushes Texas Tech

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Is there anything better than cold beer and baseball? It’s a combination that is hard to beat during the season. No matter what kind of beer you drink (or how many), let’s take a look at some of the best action on the Big 12 baseball diamond from Friday with a nice six pack.

Best Game

#3 TCU at Kansas

The score may not look like much, but this was a game I was keeping a close eye on. TCU came into Lawrence with a 13-0 record and was looking to stay unbeaten. As for Kansas, they had nothing to lose here, and they played great. The Horned Frogs got on the board first when Logan Maxwell scored with a ground out.

That score by TCU ended up being the only score for the first four innings. In the fifth inning, Kansas shortstop Chase Diggins hit a two-run blast to put the Jayhawks up 2-1.

Kansas would add another run in the seventh inning and thanks to an incredible performance by starting pitcher Reese Dutton, the Jayhawks were able to hold on for the 3-1 upset win.


Best Win

#24 Texas Over #17 Texas Tech

Coming into this series, I knew that there were going to be plenty of runs scored. However, I didn’t think it was going to be so lopsided. The Longhorns put on an absolute hitting clinic in Lubbock on Friday night. Texas scored a whopping 22 runs on 20 hits against Texas Tech.

While the game was tied at four after the third inning, Texas would put up a seven spot in the fourth to break the game open and never look back. Porter Brown’s three-run shot got things going for Texas and they just kept on scoring. In fact, the Longhorns went on to hit two grand slams in this game which is something you don’t see often.

This was a tough loss for Texas Tech, and they will certainly need to shake this one off if they can. As for Texas, you couldn’t as for a better start to the weekend. I felt like they took out all their frustrations from last weekend out on Texas Tech in game one.

Worst Loss

#17 Texas Tech

There’s really not much else to say here except for it was a rough night for the Red Raiders. I don’t think anyone thought that Texas would score twenty plus in Lubbock. I know the ball can really fly there but I still didn’t see this coming. Anytime your starting pitcher gives up 11 runs, you probably have less than a 5% chance of winning that game. Pitching was my concern coming into the season for Texas Tech and they will need to play a lot better on Saturday if they want to have a chance at winning this series.


Friday MVP

Texas OF Porter Brown

Porter has been on a tear lately and he continued his dominance in Lubbock on Friday night. He got the Longhorns going with his early hit before crushing a three-run bomb in the fourth inning.

Pitcher of the Day

Kansas State’s Jacob Frost and Jackson Wentworth

While there were some solid pitching performances on Friday, nobody in the Big 12 or the entire country had a better day than Kansas State on the mound. Starting pitcher Jacob Frost went seven innings and didn’t allow a single hit against Cincinnati.

From there, Jackson Wentworth finished the job by pitching two perfect innings for the no-hitter. It was the first no-hitter for Kansas State in over 30 years and what a game it was. They certainly welcomed Cincinnati to the Big 12.


Best Home Run

Texas OF Porter Brown

In case there wasn’t enough Poter Brown love here, then I am going to give some more. His three-run homer was the spark that helped Texas pull away.

Full Scoreboard

BYU: 4, West Virginia: 1 (Game One)

West Virginia: 2, BYU: 0 (Game Two)

Houston: 4, Baylor: 3

Kansas: 3, #3 TCU: 1

Kansas State: 4, Cincinnati: 0

#24 Texas: 22, #17 Texas Tech: 8

UCF/Oklahoma: Cancelled

Mercer/Oklahoma State: Cancelled