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Recently, Samsung redesigned its Galaxy store and put more focus on the games category. The new design is user-friendly and has tons of game-related options. The updated Galaxy store has a simple design. It will offer you a list of top rated games by listing their reviews.

If you are a gamer looking to download Fortnite then you can easily download it from Galaxy stores. According to the claims, Samsung’s Galaxy store is currently the only mobile app store from which you can easily download Fortnite.

After the legal battle between Apple, Google and Fortnite, both companies removed the specific game from their devices. However, Samsung has also managed to take advantage of this situation.

New Galaxy Store design:

It has a nice design with two tabs on the home screen. Those two options are Games and Other Apps. Before that, the app had many tabs like explore, games, exclusives, etc.

Galaxy Store now also offers exclusive previews, promotions and rewards for different games. When your level increases in your game, Samsung rewards keep increasing. These reward points can be redeemed towards the next game downloaded by the user.

Google Playstore vs Galaxy Store:

Most Android users get their different apps and games from the popular Google Play Store. However, every Samsung phone comes with a Galaxy Store downloaded on it. We can easily see that Samsung is trying to become competitive with Google Playstore. It has already been focusing more on the gaming side so that they can influence Gamers to use their app store.


In early 2019, Samsung created a new look for its App Store. The company is working hard to stay in business as Google is dominating the internet market. I believe these tricks will help Samsung’s Galaxy store gain more popularity, at least among gamers.

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