Texas Tech’s Tyler Owens Doesn’t Believe in Outer Space

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Lubbock, we have a problem.

During the interview portion of the NFL Combine on Thursday, Texas Tech defensive back Tyler Owens shared an opinion of his that is nothing short of out-of-this-world.

Owens, who could end up posting the best 40-yard dash time at the combine this year, was having a discussion with Bleacher Report’s Brent Sobleski when he dropped this little nugget: He doesn’t believe in space.


Outer space? The other planets? The Sun?

Nope. He’s not buying it.

“Nah, I don’t believe in space because, like, you know, I’m real religious,” Owens said. I think we’re in a dome right now. I don’t think there’s other planets and other stuff like that, I don’t know.”

When asked what led him to that conclusion, Owens said that he used to believe in the heliocentric theory, which adopts the idea that Earth and the other planets orbit the Sun. However, he’s since changed his mind on the matter.

“I used to believe in the heliocentric thing, like, we just revolve around the Sun and stuff, but then I started seeing like flat-earth stuff and was like, ‘This is kind of interesting,’” Owens said. “Then they started bringing up valid points. So, I mean, it could be real, it could not be. You know what I’m saying?”


As crazy as it might seem, Owens’ take on our planet and its neighbors (or lack thereof) wasn’t even the most obscure theory among draft prospects this week.

Illinois TE Tip Reiman is among a contingency of people who believe birds aren’t real. Yes, you read that correctly.

While Illinois isn’t known for its prowess in biology research, nor is Texas Tech a global leader in astrology, it’s probably safe to say these guys had other majors during their times in college.