The Rise of AI and Automation in the Marketing Industry

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What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation is just attractive software for predefining marketing tasks. Many marketing sections automate repetitive work such as email marketing, social media posting – not just for the sake of competence, but so that they can offer a more modified experience to their customers. Marketing automation technology makes these tasks much easier.

What are marketers doing with AI?

Marketing companies focus on advertising automation and optimization, that is, chatbots for service and sales assistance, and content personalization. An estimated 1.82 billion people worldwide will use a chat app in 2018, and by 2020, customers will achieve 85% of their business connection without interacting with a human.

What do top consultants have to say about using AI and automation in marketing?

McKinsey and Firm:

In accordance with a McKinsey & Firm article, organizations that feature know-how for gross sales can determine ways in which to send double-digit resources in return on investment. McKinsey & Firm further states that automation is possible on 30% of gross sales stocks.

Organizations that have adopted gross sales automation continually report an increase in customer satisfaction, 10-15% effectiveness improvements, and gross sales improvements.


Accenture has mapped 2,000 clients worldwide, 70% of whom believe that knowledge will play a significant role in their lives in the next three years. Around 83% of the top 6,000 companies agreed that experience is a vital part of human expertise.

According to the analysis, 76% of executives strongly agree that companies should reframe skills that carry knowledge and perspectives communally into a human-centered approach.


According to PwC, AI will provide up to $15.7 trillion to the international financial system by 2030. However, according to PwC’s AI 2020 Predictions report, there is a sharp gap in the range of managers you is arranging to implement AI companies. broad in 2020.

Only 4% are planning to organize the experience compared to 20% in the last 12 months. Furthermore, 90% of graphical managers feel that AI offers more substitutions than risks.

Bath and Firm:

According to Bain and Firm, many establishments are planning to spread their reservations in automation after the arrival of the coronavirus. The most recent AI survey by Bain and Firm estimated that companies using AI are 4.2 times more likely to have access to early tools and applied science than non-companies.

The products also confirmed that 90% of technology managers take AI and machine learning to mean.
According to them, a combination of AI and machine study is needed in their product and company lineages. Executives choose to use AI to lower prices and acquire new potential customers.


AI and automation will be the forerunners to take new ideas from spark to flame and exceed current levels of inventiveness.

New methods of storytelling will appear as we influence more media platforms and that’s when we’re just getting started with AI. Many leading companies are already leveraging AI and automation to produce new marketing policies.

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