Tinder launches a new video chat feature

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Tinder is the most popular dating app for people to find people who match their dating requirements. Many love stories have been started using this app.

The app is always trying to update its features, and recently it was announced that Tinder was expanding its in-app video chat feature to users all over the world. This feature before its launch has been tested in different countries and after such successful experiments the company has now decided to launch this feature globally.

Previously, this feature was limited to iOS users only, but now this video chat feature is also available for Android users.

How to use this latest feature:

We have listed the steps through which you can use this video chat feature on the Tinder app.

  • First of all, you need to browse the messages of the person who matched you.
  • At the top of the screen, you’ll see a video icon. tap on it
  • You just need to slide the switch and unlock the video chat feature.
  • When both parties have unlocked this feature, you will receive an authentication message.
  • Now you can easily tap on the video call option and talk face to face with your match.

This feature was launched to facilitate dating in the era of Covid-19. Though there are many security issues with this feature and tinder is working for security purposes. Now people can easily date others by staying at home. Lower risk of getting viruses too!

Tinder knows that there might be some people who can be scary and abuse this feature, so Tinder has announced that this feature is quite safe and reliable as it requires confirmation from both parties to get a video call. However, if you are still getting stalker vibes from someone, you can either report the person or ignore the calls like a normal video call.

With the reference of statistics provided by App Annie, Tinder was at the top of the ranking of the most downloaded lifestyle app this year. It is also at number three on iOS in the United States.


Now we have to see if Tinder will manage to gain the trust of its users. With cases of sexual harassment increasing every day, it will be quite a difficult job for the company to manage the safety of its users.

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